How can an SEO expert help you create content that is optimized for featured snippets? 

Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving field, and the people who work in it are referred to as SEO experts. They are professionals who help companies develop and execute strategies to grow website traffic and lead generation via search engines like Google. This includes optimizing for featured snippets. 

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While the exact mechanics of how these algorithms work are a bit of a secret (because search engines don’t want you to know everything they consider when ranking websites), an SEO expert’s job generally involves ensuring that digital content meets as many of the criteria as possible. These criteria include things like being well written for humans, answering search queries in a clear and concise manner, providing an optimal user experience (e.g., not loading slowly, using proper header tags, including alt text for images, etc), and more. 

A good SEO expert should also have a wide variety of skills related to the field, including content marketing at a deeper level, web design and development, social media marketing strategies, viral marketing strategies, and more. The list goes on and on because search engines take into account nearly every aspect of a company website in their rankings. Consequently, an SEO specialist is likely to be involved with a number of different departments in any given company. 

How Can an SEO Expert Help You Create Content That is Optimized for Featured Snippets? 

Creating content that is optimized for featured snippets begins with understanding what types of search results are most often displayed as these expanded, descriptive boxes. Featured Snippets are most frequently displayed as answers to question-based search queries, with the search engine determining that a particular page is the best answer for that query. 

To identify the most common question-based search queries, an SEO expert can use a tool such as Semrush to pull up all of the pages that currently own a Featured Snippet for certain keywords. Once the SEO expert has this information, they can then start looking for patterns in how these pages were created and optimized. 

For example, the most popular Featured Snippets tend to be lists. To optimize for a Featured Snippet, the SEO expert can try to create an informative list that is organized in a way that makes sense for search engines and users alike. This may mean adding a table of contents at the end of the article to better organize the content or breaking up long paragraphs of text into smaller chunks with headlines and subheadings. 

It is important for an SEO specialist to be able to continually learn and evolve their skills, especially in an industry that changes so quickly. This is why it is rare to find a job description for an SEO Specialist that doesn’t mention a bachelor’s degree in a field such as information technology, communications, or marketing. Many of these professionals also choose to pursue some type of certification or upskilling course to ensure that they are always on the cutting edge of the industry.