How can an SEO expert help you optimize your website’s load speed? 

Not a day goes by without another article, Google representative or SEO expert telling us that page speed is one of the most important factors for optimizing our sites. And they are right — the faster your pages load, the better your search engine rankings and user experience will be. 

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But how exactly can an SEO expert help you optimize your websites load speed?

There is a lot of different things that go into determining how fast your web page loads. As such, it’s a little bit tricky to define “page speed” in a simple way. 

One of the most important things an SEO expert will do is analyze your website and determine the areas that need improvement to make it faster. This is done by looking at many different metrics, including time-to-first byte, DOM and CSS load times, and overall site performance. 

After analyzing your site, an SEO expert will be able to create a plan that will make your site faster and more optimized. This may include implementing changes to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your site. In addition, an SEO expert will also look at the content of your site and make sure that it is optimized for relevant keywords. 

Another way an SEO expert can improve your sites load speed is by reducing the amount of resources used on your website. This includes reducing the size of image files, minimizing server load, and using efficient scripts. 

Finally, an SEO expert will also look at the number of redirects on your site and try to reduce them. Redirects can slow down your site by requiring more time for the browser to crawl and index your site’s files. 

Ultimately, a good SEO expert will be able to help you get your websites load speed up to a standard that is acceptable to Google. This will not only benefit your search engine rankings but will also improve your customer experience and increase conversions. 

There are a few good tools that can help you determine how your site is performing, including Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse (for Chrome), WebPageTest, and more. These tools will provide you with real-user metrics on how your site performs and will give you a good idea of what needs to be improved in order to pass Core Web Vitals. 

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