How can you measure the success of your video marketing efforts? 

When it comes to video marketing, there are many goals that you may be trying to achieve. Some of these goals will depend on the stage of the funnel that your video is intended for, while others will be specific to each individual piece of content. Having the right metrics in place can help you determine how well your videos are performing and make decisions on how to best improve them for future success. 

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The top metric that most marketers will want to track is total views. This metric will tell you how many times your video was watched, and will also include any replays that were requested. This is an important metric to monitor, because it will give you a good idea of whether your content is engaging enough to keep people’s attention, and is reaching your target audience. 

Another key metric is video completion rate, which will tell you how many people watch your whole video from start to finish. Generally speaking, a video is considered successful if at least 60% of viewers watch it all the way through. However, this can vary based on the length of the video, and some businesses find that shorter videos work better at higher stages of the funnel while longer videos work best for lower ones. 

Other measurable metrics that you can look for in your video analytics will include link CTR (click-through rate), which will show how many people clicked on the links or forms in your videos, and video feedback, which will provide insight into what your audience wants from your videos, as well as any areas where improvements could be made. For example, if your video has a call-to-action at the end of it, and you aren’t seeing a lot of clicks, it could be because it isn’t engaging enough or placed in an ideal spot. Changing these factors can improve your video CTR and get more people to take action after watching your videos. 

Finally, you can also track conversions, which will give you a good idea of how well your video is generating leads or sales. This will usually require you to integrate your video platform with a CRM or marketing automation system, which will then be able to pull in data about how many of the contacts associated with closed deals watched your video. This will show you which videos are having a direct impact on your bottom line. This is a great metric to use when deciding which videos to produce again, and what type of content you should be sharing on social media. It can also help you prioritize your budget for future video marketing efforts, and identify gaps in your knowledge or resources that you need to address.