How Long Will It Take An SEO Company To See Results? 

If you’re a business owner, you likely have a question on your mind: how long will it take a seo company to see results? Whether you’re in need of an SEO firm to boost your website rankings or you’re just looking to learn more about the process, it’s important to understand how long it will take before you begin seeing any tangible results from an SEO campaign. 

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The answer to this question depends on the specific industry, competition, and product offerings of your business. However, in general, a good SEO strategy can take 6-12 months to show results. 

A small niche that only a few companies have tried can rank for their keyword-targeted pages within weeks of launching a site, while an industry with a high amount of competition can take 3-4 years to see results from a strong SEO strategy. Regardless of your industry and competitors, though, a strong SEO strategy will produce measurable results in the form of increased traffic and conversions from search engines. 

How much work do you need to put into your SEO?

According to our research, most experts (40.3%) work between 4-7 hours every week on their websites. In addition, 11.1% of experts report working on SEO between 8-10 hours per week. The remaining 8.3% of experts work on SEO between 15-25 hours per week. 

Do you have a brand new website?

Often, a brand-new website is considered the most efficient way to launch an SEO campaign. This is because everything a site needs to rank will be set up from scratch, including domain authority, link building, and organic views. 

How long will it take to get a brand new site up?

Generally speaking, it takes about a year to get a new site up and running. This is because you have to create content for your site from scratch, and the search engines need time to crawl and index your new website. 

What type of site are you trying to optimize?

The type of website you have will play a big role in how long it takes to see a measurable change. For example, a local business website that only has 100 pages will have to invest more effort into SEO than an eCommerce site with millions of pages. 

Are you trying to target low-competition keywords?

If you’re trying to rank for low-competition keywords, it can typically take 4-6 months to see significant results. This is because these keywords are less competitive and the Google algorithm is less complex. 

Are you targeting your own domain?

Having a unique domain name can be a great advantage in terms of the speed at which you can see results. It also gives your website more scalability, since you can always add or remove pages as your business grows. 

Are you in a highly competitive industry?

These factors can impact how long it will take to start seeing results from an SEO campaign. If your industry is heavily competitive, it will take more time to see a measurable increase in rankings and traffic.