Is SEO Necessary For Ranking a Website in Google? 

SEO is important for several reasons. In addition to building awareness and establishing relationships with prospects, it also positions your business as an authority in the field of your product or service. In the world of digital marketing, SEO has become essential for success. Even with the recent changes in the way search engines rank websites, keywords remain an important SEO technique. They must be selected wisely and researched. A well-developed and effective keyword strategy are imperative for your website to rank well on Google.

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Mobile responsiveness 

When you are attempting to rank a website in Google, it is important to focus on its usability. While you are likely concerned with making your site more user-friendly for desktop users, SEO can go a long way in improving the experience for mobile visitors. For example, increasing the page loading speed of a website will help reduce the bounce rate. Today, consumers expect web pages to load quickly, so a site with slow loading times will result in higher bounce rates and lower conversions. 

Keyword density 

One of the common questions I get about SEO is what is the right combination of keyword density and SEO. While there are some great examples of both techniques, many people have misunderstood them. Keyword density is important because it determines page rank. Page rank is a calculation based on a combination of surrounding content and keyword phrase frequency. Optimal keyword density is around 20% and is a critical factor for website ranking. 

Relevance of content 

One of the most important factors when trying to rank your website in Google is its content relevance. Relevance measures how well your content matches the search terms. Google has spent years refining its algorithms and systems to find the best content for each search. For example, if someone searches for “how to make an apple crumble,” the results will be very different than if they searched for the heaviest apple in the world, which weighs 1.849 kg. 

Linking structure 

To rank well in Google, a website must have an effective internal linking structure. It should also be easy to navigate, without any interstitials or thin content. Google rewards positive user experiences and a good user experience in determining a website’s ranking. If you’re wondering whether internal linking is important for your SEO strategy, keep reading. Kevin Indig, a search marketing expert, gives his take on internal linking. 

Domain age 

You must have wondered whether SEO is necessary for ranking a website in the top search results. Moreover, a website’s age is an important factor in determining its worthiness. The average age of the top 10 ranking pages is almost three years, which means that you’ll have a very low chance of seeing impressive results within your first year of website launch. Moreover, Google gives preference to older websites, which is reflected by the high number of websites that are three years old or more.