What Is SEO For Website Traffic? 

SEO is a process to improve traffic to a website. It targets both paid and unpaid traffic. It uses various strategies, including Keyword clustering, Structured data, Link building, and Page structure. By optimizing a website’s content, it can achieve higher search engine rankings. 

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Keyword clustering 

When you’re planning to optimize a website for search engine visibility, keyword clustering is an excellent way to create content that will attract the right audience. The process starts with research: you need to create a list of keywords and determine what terms are similar to them. To do this, you can use a keyword research tool, examine what your competitors are ranking for, or brainstorm different keyword combinations. 

Link building 

One of the most effective ways to improve your search engine rankings is through link building. It can even increase your site’s organic traffic. When you publish great content, other websites are likely to link to you. Link building is a natural process that will boost your rankings and your traffic. 

Page structure 

A website’s page structure can affect its search engine rankings. Using the right structure can help users find what they need and help search engines understand it better. Following a good website structure is not as difficult as it seems, as long as you follow some basic principles. 

ALT tag 

When writing ALT tags for your images, naturally use keywords. It’s best to use only one keyword per image, and make sure it’s a related one. It’s also important to keep the text to a few words; long texts will just be confusing and annoying to users. Generally, the ALT tag shouldn’t exceed 125 characters. 


Website crawlers are essentially bots that operate on the internet. They gather and store data from web pages and then apply a search algorithm. This allows search engines to display relevant links in response to a user’s search. After a user submits a search query, the bots analyze the page to see if it’s still relevant and updated. 


Website authority is one of the most important factors in SEO. It determines how important a page is to a searcher. Search engines such as Google look at several factors to determine website authority. Google cares about website authority because it wants to show users pages that fulfill their needs.