What is an SEO Tool? 

Before you start to use an SEO tool, you should have some understanding of what it does. These tools can help you identify the elements of a webpage that affect the way it ranks in search results. Some of these tools include Ahrefs, Moz Pro, Lipperhey, and Siteliner. 

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Siteliner is a web analytics tool that analyzes your website. It analyzes 500 pages at a time, so you can see if any of the pages are duplicates. You can also see which of the pages are strong and which are weak, and how many links there are to them. You can also access the results of the analysis by downloading them or e-mailing them to yourself. The free version of Siteliner only allows you to scan your website once per month, but you can upgrade to the premium version at any time. 

Siteliner is an important SEO tool that can improve your ranking in search engines. It analyzes links and optimizes on-page SEO. It also helps identify no-follow URLs and intentional skips. The free version of Siteliner is useful for up to 250 pages and offers several features, including a keyword ranking tool and a website audit. 


Ahrefs has a great toolbox with an assortment of tools to help digital marketers with their websites. These tools include a backlink checker and a keyword tool. The Ahrefs backlink checker is more accurate than many other tools, and it can create a backlink profile within seconds. 

The Ahrefs backlink index is one of the largest in the world, and it contains over 14 Trillion links. This database helps you analyze how well your competitors are performing and which keywords are most effective. Ahrefs also shows you how much your competitors are paying for certain keywords. 


SEO tools by Lipperhey provide a comprehensive analysis of website performance. Using a keyword-based approach, they help you determine keyword relevancy and the best way to improve your site. They also provide a report that lists how many people visited your site, and how much social engagement your content received. The reports also include a list of improvements that you can make. 

You can use Lipperhey to track your ranking on major search engines and compare it to competitors. It is also useful for monitoring your backlinks and analyzing how effective your SEO strategy is. This comprehensive tool will also give you information about your site’s infrastructure, such as IP address, title, meta description, and headings. 

Moz Pro 

If you’re a business owner looking to increase traffic and organic search engine rankings, you’ll want to check out the Moz Pro SEO tools. These tools help you track your site’s performance and identify potential issues. They also provide information on a variety of other aspects of SEO, including keyword competition, backlinks, and site speed. 

For example, Moz Keyword Explorer analyzes massive amounts of SEO data to calculate meaningful metrics for marketers. These metrics can help you determine which keywords are best suited for your business. The Keyword Explorer can tell you how competitive the keyword is, how hard it is to rank for, and how many related queries have been generated from it. Another useful tool is the Priority score, which helps you quantify how important a keyword is for your business. A score close to 100/100 means a keyword has high search volume, low competition, and high CTR.