What Is SEO in Web Design? 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving a website’s visibility in search engines. It focuses on unpaid, direct, and paid traffic. In other words, it focuses on how visitors find your site and the content it contains. Using SEO methods will increase your web site’s visibility and increase the number of visitors it receives. 

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On-page optimization 

There are a number of technical aspects of on-page SEO that can greatly improve the visibility of your website. These elements are easy to implement, and can yield great results for your content. The most important is the use of title tags, which specify the name of your webpage in the source code. These tags are visible in the SERPs, and should be unique and descriptive. In addition to using the target keyword, they should also be short and under 60 characters. 

The goal of on-page SEO is to help search engines understand the content of your website and determine its relevance to the searchers’ needs. By using the right keywords and phrases, on-page SEO can boost your website’s visibility and attract new visitors. 


Website navigation is an important part of SEO. It provides internal links for your most important pages and improves accessibility. Generally, the most important pages should be placed at the top of your navigation. This will make it easier for your visitors to find the information they need. You should also use images to improve accessibility. 

A dropdown menu is a great way to organize your content into categories. Each subcategory page should be relevant to the keywords you want to rank for. This will also increase the number of internal links. Each page that has a dropdown menu counts as an internal link.