What Are SEO Tools? 

SEO tools are programs that analyze the performance of a website. These programs can identify technical problems and areas for optimization. These programs are available in many forms. By using them, website owners can improve their rankings in search engines. However, you should not use these programs as the only means to increase your website’s SEO. 

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Moz link explorer 

If you’re interested in learning how to find linking opportunities, Moz Link Explorer is an excellent tool to use. Formerly known as Open Site Explorer, this tool helps you find sites that are linking to your website. You can perform up to ten searches per month for free. However, if you’d like to access a wider variety of results, you can purchase additional searches. You can also see how many links each site has and how their DA changes over time. 

Moz’s link analysis is useful for competitor analysis and it piggybacks off of the Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics. The data from this tool can be very valuable if you’re trying to get the best possible ranking for your website. In addition, Moz also offers a Spam Score, which estimates the likelihood that a backlink is a spam. 


Ahrefs is a great tool that provides you with a wealth of SEO information. One of its key features is the Ahrefs Rank Tracker, which tracks your rankings over time and illustrates fluctuations. It also provides valuable data such as the number of outbound links and the quality of each link, which can help improve your link-building strategy. 

The platform also offers several other tools, including a WordPress plugin and a Bing keyword ranking/search tool. The latter gives you an overview of where your target website ranks in search engine results and how many visitors that keyword generates. Its keyword monitoring tool helps you monitor the performance of 150 million keywords in the US region, as well as 150 other countries. 

Google Analytics 

There are various free SEO tools that you can use to increase your website traffic. These tools include Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These will provide you with graphs of traffic and help you optimize your website content. You can also use them to find out what types of visitors visit your site. This will help you create better landing pages, which will increase traffic and boost your website’s rankings. However, you must ensure that you use the right SEO techniques to get maximum results from these tools. 

Another free tool that SEO professionals use is SEMrush. This tool will tell you where your site ranks in search engines, how many visitors have visited it, and even give you information on your competition. It has comprehensive reports that will let you know the number of visitors, page views, downloads, and links. 

Check My Links 

Check My Links is a free extension for Google Chrome that is a helpful tool for content editors and web designers. It will analyze all links on a given web page and determine whether they are valid. The extension also allows you to check multiple pages at once. Once you have compiled the results, you can copy the broken links to your clipboard. 

Besides using Check My Links to check broken links, it can also help you analyze your webpage’s performance. Broken links can make your content less appealing to visitors. In addition, broken links can damage your SEO strategy, causing your visitors to be directed to an amusing graphic or 404 page. 


Xenu SEO tools can help you monitor and fix duplicate content on your website. You can use redirects, canonical tags, or no-index tags to solve the duplicate content problem. However, some pages still require improvement and manual checking of your website would take forever. The tools in Xenu will help you speed up the process. 

Another SEO tool that Xenu offers is a broken link finder. This tool will crawl through your site and report broken links. Broken links can negatively affect your website’s positioning on search engines and decrease the number of visitors you get. Xenu is a free tool that can be used to check for broken links on your site. It can also export its findings to an Excel spreadsheet.