What Is SEO Worth to My Company? 

If you’re like many business owners, you may have struggled with how to justify an investment in search engine optimization (SEO). You may have experienced less-than-stellar results from previous SEO efforts and wondered if it’s even worth the time and effort. Or, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to make SEO fit into your marketing budget, especially if your Google Ads campaigns are already working well for you. 

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But, while the industry can be confusing and full of jargon, there is no question that search engines remain an essential part of the digital ecosystem for businesses. They drive visibility and traffic and, with the right strategies, help your brand establish authority in its field. 

In the past, all a business needed to do was include keywords in their content, and boom – they were on Page 1. But over time, businesses learned that there were ways to game SEO to get ahead of the competition and stay ahead. This made search engines evolve and come up with more efficient methods for ranking websites. 

What’s more, SEO gives a business the ability to be the answer to prospective customers’ questions. As more and more people turn to online research when seeking answers to their problems, it’s vital for companies to be able to respond quickly and effectively to customer inquiries. 

While SEO can be expensive, it’s also one of the most valuable investments a business can make. Not only does it generate organic sales, but it also increases your impressions – meaning more people are seeing your brand. 

Your impressions are a great way to measure how well your SEO is performing. They can also be used for marketing and sales campaigns, helping you track how effective your ads are. 

Click share is another important metric to consider when looking at the ROI of SEO. It measures how many clicks your website receives compared to the other ads on the page. The more clicks you receive, the higher your impressions and the greater your chances of converting them into sales. 

Establishing a brand’s authority is key to creating a strong, long-term relationship with potential customers. It takes patience, commitment, and consistent effort, but it’s also the only way to build trust with potential consumers. 

Users have a specific set of expectations when it comes to how websites, apps, and other platforms should function. If a company doesn’t meet these expectations, it will lose trust. 

If a business provides what its users are looking for, it will naturally establish a level of trust with them that will grow over time. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as by providing good customer service and offering products and services that are high quality. 

As a result, customers will be more likely to refer your brand to others. This can help you gain new customers, increase your revenue and expand your customer base. 

While SEO can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, it’s also one of the most effective ways to grow your business. And, with the right strategy, it’s a valuable investment that should not be ignored by any company.