What is Search Engine Optimization? 

Having a search engine that is both user-friendly and able to deliver relevant results on demand has to be a good thing. The competition in the space is stiff though, especially given that Google holds a monopoly position in the aforementioned space. The best way to woo customers is to provide a plethora of useful information in a visually enticing manner. To this end, a plethora of tools and techniques are used to achieve optimum results. A good example of such a tool is the aptly named SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The best way to achieve this objective is to take the time to learn a few things about the process in the context of a savvy marketing campaign. 

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The main tenet is a thorough understanding of the Google search engine’s intricacies. This entails an understanding of the best practices for optimizing search results as well as a deep dive into the user experience. It is this level of granularity that enables Google to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date results on demand.