Why Client Size Is Important When Hiring An SEO Company? 

Hiring an SEO company is a critical decision for any business looking to grow and increase its sales. In fact, SEO is one of the most effective ROI-driving marketing strategies available. 

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But with the many options for digital marketing, it can be hard to decide which approach is right for your business. When evaluating agencies, it is important to consider their client size, and how they communicate with their clients. 

Agency Size

A large agency is often comprised of a single SEO expert and a handful of staff, so it’s important to find a company that’s at least a medium-sized agency (with anywhere from 10 to 30 team members). This helps ensure the best combination of personal attention, creativity, resources and efficient project turnarounds. 

Reputable Companies

When reviewing agencies, it’s important to check their reputation on the internet. Look for reviews from satisfied customers, as well as the company’s average ratings. Make sure to read some negative reviews, too, to get a feel for the company’s response when there are any issues with deliverances. 

Retaining Current Clients

When hiring an SEO company, it’s important to ask about their client retention rates. While this can be a tricky question to answer, it’s a good way to gauge how long an agency has been working with their clients. 

In addition, it can also help you determine if the agency is likely to stick with their clients for the long haul and be successful in the future. Having a long-term relationship with an agency can be especially important for companies who are looking to expand their client base, as they will be able to provide ongoing support and guidance. 

Local Market Experience

When you are choosing an SEO agency, it’s important to choose a company that has experience in your specific niche. While the basic principles of SEO are the same, there are differences in how they can be used for different industries. 

For example, an SEO with a strong track record in health care can be helpful for a small dental office, but not so much for an eCommerce store that needs to attract national traffic. 

Niche Experience

When a company is experienced in working with niches, it means that they have worked in that particular industry for years. This can mean a lot of valuable learnings about how to optimize websites for specific keywords and keyword variations, as well as identifying the right search terms to target. 

It can also mean a lot of knowledge about the local marketing environment, including the types of competition that are most likely to drive traffic and conversions for your website. It can even mean a lot of expertise in the industry’s latest trends and tactics, which can be very beneficial for your business. 

Another reason to hire an SEO agency is that they have the tools and experts to monitor your website for major search engines errors, like black-hat SEO tactics or bad backlinks. These errors can cause your website to drop in rankings and lose crucial traffic. Agencies have a team of experts to identify these problems and work to fix them before they can impact your organic search results.